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Grand Inna Malioboro has inseparable history between the hotel building and Special District of Yogyakarta. The hotel names itself is steeped in history; the names had changed for seven times, with its historical details as the background of each name. Started from Grand Hotel De Djokdja, Asahi Hotel, Merdeka Hotel, Garuda Hotel, Garuda Natour, Inna Garuda and Grand Inna Malioboro for now.

1908 – 1942 : Grand Hotel De Djokdja or Jogja Hotel

During colonial's era in Indonesia, Dutch would like to build a hotel sitting in a majestic position with incredible strategic location on Malioboro Street. In 1908, the hotel was built in a cottage building and it becomes the first biggest hotel and luxurious hotel in Yogyakarta named Grand Hotel De Djokdja means Yogyakarta Hotel. Operated in 1911, the hotel was only accommodating Dutch military guests. In 1938, the hotel is upgraded with two wings at the left and right side of the main building.

1942 – 1945 : Asahi Hotel

In 1942, Japan came and took over Indonesia, including Yogyakarta and Grand Hotel De Djokdja, Japan changed the name of the hotel into Asahi Hotel.

1945 – 1950 : Merdeka Hotel

In August 17, 1945, Indonesia declared its independence day, so Asahi Hotel is taken by Indonesia and together with the big Indonesia independence Day spirit, the hotel changed into Merdeka Hotel. In 1946, Yogyakarta became the capital city of Indonesia because of the politic situation and national safety condition in Jakarta. Meanwhile, Merdeka Hotel became the office complex for government during that time. Dutch colonialisation backs to Indonesia and took over the country again, and then the war between colonialist and Indonesian National Army started. The Great General Sudirman stayed in Merdeka during the war.

1950 – 1982 : Garuda Hotel

Indonesian Government changed the hotel name from Merdeka Hotel into Garuda Hotel in 1950. Government gave the trust to PT. Natour to run the hotel in 1975.

1982 - 2001 : Natour Garuda

In 1982, PT. Natour is trusted by government to renovate Garuda Hotel and improved from one star hotel into three stars hotel. The renovation cost around 9 billions and the renovation finished in the end 1984. The hotel building still holding the main design, as it is rich of history so the building still has two side wings with the main building and the main building itself is improved to be 7 levels. Natour Garuda is Indonesian State Owned Enterprises doing trial ceremony with Great Grand Opening in June 29 1985. In Javanese belief, the ceremony is done on Legi Saturday that is believed by the Governor of Yogyakarta or Hamengkubuwono IX as a good day. The Governor of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan HamengkuBuwono IX officially opened the hotel. In 1987, Natour Garuda was acknowledged and officially announced trough Tourism Department, Post Office and Telecommunication as a three stars hotel. Coming along with tourism development in Indonesia especially in Yogyakarta, PT. Natour Garuda enhancing Natour Hotel by increasing 120 rooms so the total amounts of the rooms are 240 rooms. Sri Paduka PakuAlam VIII, Yogyakarta Governor inaugurated Natour Garuda in June 29 1991. It was a big honoured where two kings of Java witnessing the inauguration of Natour Garuda.

2001 – 2017 : Inna Garuda

Government combined Indonesian State Owned Enterprises both Hotel and Catering by PT. Hotel Indonesia International and PT. Natour that is legally became PT Hotel Indonesia Natour in March 19 2001. Naming with corporate business "Inna" then the hotel is named Inna Garuda.

2017 : Grand Inna Malioboro

On March 15 2017, after so many investments, renovation, new image and also to fasten as well as to increase the competition so the name is changed from Inna Garuda into Grand Inna Malioboro until now.

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This hotel is legendary as an integral part of Yogyakarta since 1908. Grand Inna Malioboro 227 rooms are furnished in classic but modern elegance and face Malioboro Street, the heart of Yogyakarta. All the amenities expected in an international standard hotel are at your fingertips because You are everything to us!

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